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Traders And Investors Forum 2012

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Arek Okrasa.png
Arek Okrasa
London Traders

10.00 am - 10.30am
Increase your trading probability by combining technical analysis with fundamental news
During the session you will have the chance to enhance your trading knowledge by learning how economic and financial events work together with technical analysis. Be prepared for a range of examples, from: government decisions, central bank interventions, bond auctions or key words such as adjust stance or strong vigilant which have a strong impact on trading. All cases will be set into charts so you will see the proper entry and exit levels from a technical point of view.

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Paul Wallace.png
Paul Wallace
London Traders Network & Tradingbeliefs

11.15 am - 12.00 pm
Becoming a Great Trading General!
Paul Wallace spent six years in the Royal Air Force controlling fighter jets before embarking upon a trading career. In October 2011 he wrote a 2 part article for Traders’ magazine entitled ‘What Can Traders Learn From Battle Managers’. Paul believes there is much the trader can learn from the psychological tactics and techniques of warfare. In this presentation Paul describes the key skills, characteristics and experiences of battle managers and financial traders. By adopting a few of these concepts hopefully you will become a great trading general who goes on to win a good many trading battles of your own!

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Kevin Barry.png
Kevin Barry
Traders & Investors Club

1.00pm - 1.45pm
We all like to think that our rational mind governs our thoughts and actions. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. As soon as the market opens, our reptilian brain takes charge. The upshot is that, as human beings, we are totally ill-equipped to make rational trading decisions in the heat of battle.

Therefore, it is essential that we rise above the limitations imposed by our very human nature. But how? The answer is to trade with a system. And, even better, to trade with a system that provides us with a trading edge.

In this presentation, Kevin discusses how to create a trading system from scratch that will suit our individual trading style. Topics addressed include how to test a strategy backwards and forwards, the advantages and drawbacks of optimisation, how to identify when a market is trending / consolidating, the different trading techniques required for different market conditions and how to avoid the dreaded collinearity.

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Jeff Boccaccio.png
Jeff Boccaccio
Traders & Investors Club

1.45 pm - 2.15 pm
Trade in your life, but before you quit your job ...
In this candid talk from personal experience Jeff discusses how he believes that anyone can fit trading into their lifestyle but how for some trading can be a lifestyle enabler. He looks beyond the bling of Rolex watches and sports cars that are commonly associated with traders and instead focuses on some of the not so glamorous aspects of trading that really make the difference for long term success. He discusses the realities behind trading from the beach or the ski slopes and shows how it can be done with proper planning and discipline. Finally, for those looking to trade full or part time he outlines a transition plan to implement before you quit your job and reveals some short cuts he's discovered along the way.

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Mark Fenton O'Creevy.png
Professor Mark Fenton-O'Creevy

2.15 pm - 3.00 pm
Mind the gap: bridging the emotional gulf between trading plan and action
Drawing on his extensive research into trader behaviour, decision-making and emotions, Prof Mark Fenton-O’Creevy discusses evidence on the role emotions play in traders' decision-making. He also talks about the ways in which highly experienced traders regulate their emotions to support effective trading.

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Dary McGovern.png
Dary McGovern

3.00 pm - 3.45pm
Automating your trading strategy: what you need to know
A look at the risks, realities and practicalities when building and running an automated trading system.

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Are you performing at your best?
How are emotions and physiology influencing your investment behaviour?
Find out by taking part in this scientific study ...


The xDelia project (www.xdelia.org) is a research programme funded by the European Commission which is developing new ways to support the learning of traders and investors. We are a consortium of researchers from across Europe which includes university research teams and a Bank.

A particular focus of the programme is on the problems traders can face when trading plans and strategies are derailed by emotions and when ineffective management of those emotions leads to systematic biases in trading.

xDelia is looking for traders who are interested to learn more about their emotions’ effects (good and bad) in trading and willing to participate in a longitudinal study which combines serious games with at-home training. Our research, conducted with traders across Europe, has led us to devise this programme, which is specifically designed with trading performance in mind. We are in the process of evaluating the effectiveness of learning tools we have designed

The study will take place in London and has two elements: a session where the serious games are played, and exercises which should be practiced at home. The games session make use of the full suite of games which xDelia has developed. These use bio-sensors to give you real-time feedback on your emotional reactions to stressful situations. Games range from a simple first-person shooter game; "Space Investors", through to more financially oriented "Two-Index Game" and the "Auction Game". The games will help give you insights into your reflexive emotional reactions and the way in which you manage them. Playing the games will enable us to give you tailored feedback on how the ways you manage your emotions may affect your trading. The exercises are designed to help you improve your emotional management and can be practiced at home over a number of weeks. By combining serious games with exercises we hope to help you better understand how you react to stress, through personalised feedback, and give you options to manage your emotional reactions when trading.

All our studies are conducted within a strict research ethics framework and all individual data is kept confidential. All participants have the right to withdraw from the study at any time and to request that any data collected on them is destroyed.

If you’d like to participate in this study or would just like to know more then please email us at xDelia@open.ac.uk. Sessions will take place in the evenings and weekends, and we are currently booking participants for March and April.


The following clubs and societies have meetups over the next couple of months, which you are invited to attend:

London Traders Network:
Date: Wednesday 16th May at 6.30pm
Venue: Penderel's Oak, 283 - 288 High Holborn, London WC1V 7HP Duration: Approx 3 hours Cost: Free to attend

Traders & Investors Club:
Date: Tuesday 22nd May at 6.30pm
Venue: Prince Regent Room, Freemason's Hall, 60 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ
Duration: Approx 2.5 hours Cost: £30.00

Trading & Investment Club Events

If you would like to get involved in helping to organise future events or are interested in speaking at any of these events, then please Contact Us for more information.

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