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Suraj Cherian

Suraj Cherian.png
Suraj Cherian is President of The London Metropolitan Business School (LMBS) Investment Society.

The LMBS Investment Society is a student-run organisation and one of the fastest growing societies within the London Metropolitan University. The society is open to all London Metropolitan University students interested in the Financial Services industry, trading, actuarial science, insurance and investment management.

The society concentrates on organising trading workshops, conferences, networking events as well as trading and other simulation competitions in order to provide members with a forum for like minded people keen on learning more about the Financial Markets.

Apart from academic and professional events the society holds regular social events either on its own or together with other student societies and organisations. There are some separate events organised for members of the Investment Fund only.

Within the Investment Society there is long equity only Investment Fund fully administered by its members. The Fund invests the money of its shareholders into primary financial assets which are managed by the board and supported by our stockbroker. This helps our members to get hands-on practical experience to apply their knowledge, expertise and research analysis.

The LMBS Investment Society was founded in 2008 by a group of students pursuing a career in Finance industry and keen on helping others to develop necessary professional and interpersonal skills to succeed in acquiring a position in the City


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