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National Investment Club Conference 2013

Investment Club Conference London 1.png

National Investment Club

Conference 2013

QEII Conference Centre, Westminster
Saturday 9th &
Sunday 10th November

The 7th Annual Investment Club Conference took place over two days - on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2013, as part of the World MoneyShow at the QEII Conference Centre, London.

The Investment Club Conference is made up of presentations and discussion forums specifically aimed at investment clubs. All of the presentations and sessions planned are led by volunteers from investment clubs and meetup groups from across the UK. For more information or if you would like to get involved please contact Alex on support@timetotrade.eu

PROGRAM - Investment Clubs Day - Saturday 9th November 2013
Welcome 12.30pm - 12.45pm
Tea & Coffee
Welcome Introduction.

Dave Gaskell.png
Dave Gaskell
Rolling Stocks Investment Club
12.45 - 1.15pm
Screens, Filters & Algorithms – A Mechanical Portfolio In Action
The Rolling Stocks Investment Club began to run a mechanical portfolio in October 2001. It has been so successful that it now represents half the club's overall worth, standing at £108k (of which £63k is profit) and has achieved an average internal rate of return in excess of 15% per annum. Dave describes the background to the club's decision to run the portfolio, explains the detail of how the portfolio works and the buy/sell criteria, and advises on how you might go about setting one up yourself.

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Discussion Group 1.15 - 1.45pm
Investment Club Treasurer Workshop
An opportunity to chat to other club treasurers and discuss managing club accounts, unit valuation, software for treasurers and HMRC reporting requirements.

Malcolm Oluwasanmi.png
Malcolm Oluwasanmi
Little Phoenix Investment Group
2.15pm - 2.45pm
Little Phoenix Investment Group: Our Financial Adventure So Far
In this presentation Malcolm will discuss his club’s experiences investing in Bitcoin and other alternative investments.

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Mourad Kara.png
Mourad Kara
Mobius Investment Club
2.45pm - 3.15pm
Fifteen Years On ... A Perspective In Investment And Performance Analysis - Ups and downs in an investment club
In this presentation Mourad will discuss how the Mobius Investment Club has structured its investment portfolio over the years based on the members’ investment profile, comparison to benchmarks, performance review from a club’s perspective and also from a member’s perspective (what’s in it for me?).

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Paul Wallace.png
Paul Wallace
London Traders Network
3.30pm - 4.00pm
Where are the Exits?
Everyone in trading loves to talk about their market entries. They also love to find out how others enter the market. People love buy signals. However, those of us who have been trading for any length of time know from experiences that it is the exit that is the most important element of the trading equation. Furthermore, it’s not only the physical stop loss that is important but also the psychological stop losses that are required to ensure long term survival and further success.

Paul will discuss the multiple facets of market exits based upon his own personal trading experience and that of the people he’s trained and coached throughout the years.

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Panel Discussion 4.15pm - 5.15pm
Investment Clubs: What's In It For Me?
During this discussion our panellists will share their experiences of running their investment clubs and discuss approaches and practical ideas to stock selection, information sources, strategy, membership, meetings, and much more.

PROGRAM - Investment Clubs Day - Sunday 10th November 2013
Welcome 9.00am - 9.15am
Tea & Coffee
Welcome Introduction.

Interactive Workshop
9.15am - 10.00am
How to value a company?
How do you know if a share is over or undervalued? Are you buying at a bargain price or paying over the odds? This interactive session aims to demystify the stock valuation process, making stock valuation easier to understand and showing you how to make money in the stock market by purchasing undervalued shares and selling overvalued. Through active participation and engagement with the audience, we will be using an iterative approach to determine how much information/data is needed to agree a consensus valuation.

Arek Okrasa.png
Arek Okrasa
London Traders
11.00am - 11.30am
Receive a Cutting Edge Insight into Investment Trend Reversal Strategies
Arek Okrasa makes investment decisions by combining technical analysis with fundamental news. However, some rare price action patterns precede the latter. Their recognition allows the informed investor to enter the financial market before the crowd get in.

Whilst knowledge is the key to successful investment, the way we behave also affects our performance. Two easy steps will set you up for achieving outstanding results; which together with rare price action patterns, will give you a cutting edge strategy in investment.
During this presentation Arek will refer to Part IV from his upcoming book: “Trade Like a Pro, or Don`t Touch It at All”.

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Kevin Barry.png
Kevin Barry
Traders & Investors Club
11.45am - 12.15pm
Using the COT Report to Trade the FX Market
Would it help your trading to know on which side of the market the Big Players were positioning themselves. Kevin Barry of the Traders & Investors Club will be showing you how to get a market edge with the Commitment of Traders Report.

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Dary McGovern.png
Dary McGovern
12.30pm - 1.00pm
10 Trading Strategies Analysed and Optimised to Boost Your Returns
In this presentation Dary will evaluate the effectiveness of 10 popular trading strategies.

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Investment Club Events

If you would like to get involved in helping to organise future events or are interested in speaking at any of these events, then please contact support@timetotrade.eu for more information.

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