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National Investment Club Conference 2010 Quiz


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Answers highlighted in italics

Question 1)
Which is the oldest stock exchange in the world?

a) London Stock Exchange
b) New York Stock Exchange
c) Bombay Stock Exchange
d) Antwerp Bourse

Question 2)
Which of the following might you see roaming around a stock market?

a) pigs
b) bulls
c) goats
d) buffalo

Question 3)
What do South-Sea, Tulip-Mania and Dot.com have in common? They are names of:

a) Films
b) Candlestick charting patterns
c) Market bubbles
d) Trading strategies

Question 4)
What is a contrarian investor least likely to do?
a) Buy when others are despondently selling
b) Sell when others are greedily buying
c) Make the same trades are other investors

Question 5)
What do the initials FTSE stand for?
a) Futures, Traded Stocks & Equities
b) Financial Trading Share Exchange
c) Financial Times Stock Exchange
d) Freely Traded Stocks & Equities

Question 6)
What name is given to the day that signalled the start of the stock market crash which led to the Great Depression in USA?
a) Black Monday
b) Black Tuesday
c) Black Wednesday
d) Black Thursday

Question 7)
Who said "I try to buy stock in businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them. Because sooner or later, one will?"

a) George Soros
b) David Beckham
c) Warren Buffett
d) Jim Slater

Question 8)
Which of the following is true f Online Trading Academy's training courses?

a) Class retakes allowed free of charge for life
b) Instructors trade the market live during classes
c) Students trade with Online Trading Academy's money live in the markets
d) All of the above


Get involved ...

The investment club events are run and organised by volunteers from investment clubs around the UK. If you would like to get involved in helping to organise investment club events or are interested in speaking or donating prizes to any of these events, then please Contact Us for more information.

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