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National Investment Club Conference 2007

by Dave Gaskell & Peter Salenieks

In April of 2007, a group of Investment Clubs met in Leeds with a view to re-energising the investment club movement and creating a vehicle for clubs from across the country to meet and share experiences and ideas, building on the foundation established by ProShare in the United Kingdom.

Seven months and lots of emails, meetings and telephone calls later their plans finally came to fruition last weekend with an inaugural National Investment Club Conference.

The conference, held in association with the World Money Show at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre in Westminster, London and backed by Proshare, was without doubt a resounding success, bringing together clubs from all over the UK and from as far a field as Dublin, Ireland.

Mourad Kara of the Mobius Investment Club was the Master of Ceremonies throughout the day. The keynote speaker introduced was Mark Goodson, member of the H&G Family of Investment Clubs and author of the Motley Fool Fools Guide to Investment Clubs. He set the scene by observing that "it's not just about making money, although that's very nice". Mark acknowledged that all his members have "learnt a fantastic amount", adding that "the more you find you know, the more you find there is to know."

After a lively audience discussion, Dave Gaskell from Rolling Stocks Investment Club led the second session with his presentation on why every investment club needs a strategy. This was followed by a much needed “Jargon Buster” session for beginners from Dolores Maisonneuve of the Blue Chip Stockings Investment Club. Dolores went right back to basics explaining how "finance is a language that can be learnt" before explaining stocks, market sectors and the stock market with an entertaining analogy from shopping in a DIY store.

Paul Dolman-Darrall of Fairer Shares Investment Club kept the audience entertained with his very informative and energetically presented stock-screening session, intriguingly entitled “Shooting Stocks with Shotguns”. Who says stock-screening can’t be fun!

A joint presentation Peter Salenieks (Dynamic Investment Club) and Mike Evans (Millennium Materialists Investment Club), entitled “Top Tips for Starting and Sustaining Investment Clubs” drew upon the experiences of two award winning clubs to addressed the challenge of keeping clubs alive and vibrant and a place for continuous learning, emphasising that "everyone is special and has something different to contribute". The talk was very well received and gave the audience lots of ideas to "try at home". As did Chris Rose’s “Alternative Investments” presentation, in which he urged the audience to "use your imagination to find different opportunities." The key message being that Investment Clubs should not necessarily limit themselves to dealing in shares. Indeed, Chris’s club, the Crown Cycling Circle Investment Club, have spiced up their investment portfolio with properties in Egypt and Bulgaria, fine wine and gold.

Jeff Fitzpatrick’s presentation on Technical Analysis fortunately lasted somewhat longer than the 2 minutes in which he optimistically claimed he could teach the subject. It was packed full of information and judging by the queue of people lining up to speak to him afterwards is clearly a topic that is of great interest to many investors. Maybe the fact that his methods have delivered 5% growth per month had something to do with it!!

Of course, no meeting of investment clubs would be complete without a nod to the hell that can be investment club accounting. Dave Gaskell and Mourad Kara did a great job explaining the intricacies of the unit valuation system without requiring the audience to have degrees in maths! Dary McGovern of timetotrade followed this with a very full and extremely informative talk about “Managing Club Accounts and Tax”. That the audience managed to not only get through those two sessions without falling asleep but also contribute lots of questions and interaction was no mean feat!

Terry Bond, the founding father of investment clubs in the UK, chaired the closing panel discussion. All of the speakers were put through their paces, answering a variety of questions from the audience on everything from recruiting new members to stop loss strategies. So many questions were put forward that the panel were unable to answer them all in time available. Answers to these questions will be available soon.

All the speakers did a fantastic job, impressing everyone with the breadth and depth of their knowledge and the quality of their presentations and delivery. Each one was an investment club member who volunteered to take part in the day and generously donated their time to share their experiences and lessons learned over the years. The audience remained enthusiastic and full of energy throughout, contributing to lively debates that helped to make the whole event a fantastic success, exceeding the most optimistic hopes of the organisers.

Copies of the presentations can be downloaded from the following link.

If you have suggestions, would like to be kept updated of future events or are interested in helping organise an event in your area, please Contact Us.

SATURDAY 1st DECEMBER 2007, 9.30am - 6pm

St James Suite, Queen Elizabeth QEII Centre, Westminster, London


9.30 am - 10.00 am: Welcome and Introduction

Mourad Kara (Mobius Investment Club)

10.00 am - 10.30 am

What's an Investment Club For? Mark Goodson (H&G Investment Clubs & author of "The Fools Guide to Investment Clubs")

What's the point of an Investment Club? What do you hope to get out of it? When do you hope to get it? These questions will be covered together with innovative ideas for members of all investment clubs and how they can best achieve long, medium and short terms returns through the Investment Club vehicle.

11.00 am - 11.20 am

Get your Club a Strategy - Dave Gaskell (Rolling Stocks Investment Club)

Does your Investment Club have clear aims and objectives? Do all your members understand how you are managing risk? Do you have a disciplined approach to stock selection and portfolio management? This session will cover these questions and suggest how to go about formulating a well defined strategy to give your club direction.

11.20 am - 11.30 am

Jargon Buster - Dolores Maisonneuve (Blue Chip Stockings Investment Club)

Don't know your PEGs from your PBVs? This session will explain all!

11.30 am - 12.00 pm

Shooting Stocks with Shotguns - Paul Darrall (Fairer Shares Investment Club)

Stock screening. How to find a shortlist of good stocks

12.15 pm - 12.35 pm

Top Tips for Starting and Sustaining an Investment Club - Peter Salenieks (Dynamic Investment Club) & Mike Evans (Millenium Materialists Investment Club)

Tips for club members on how to maintain interest and enthusiasm beyond the early days of their club. Hear practical ideas from members of long-standing clubs, plus join us for a networking session where you can share your experiences.

2:00 pm - 2.25 pm

Alternative Investments: Fine Wine and Overseas Property - Chris Rose (Crown Cycling Circle Investment Club)

As your investment portfolio grows, it may be time to consider some alternative investment approaches. Chris will be sharing his Club's experiences of investing in overseas property and fine wine.

2:25 pm - 2.45 pm

Technical Analysis: Is the Trend your Friend? - Jeff Fitzpatrick (Darlington Dealers Investment Club)

What, Why and When to Buy and Sell. How can you identify fundamentally sound stocks to invest in? Having identified them, how can you decide what strategy is appropriate, when to get in and when to get out? Hear how one very successful Investment Club has managed to do this month in and month out over the last 2 years while compounding its value every month

3.00 pm - 3.15 pm

At last….The Unit Value System Explained! - Dave Gaskell (Rolling Stocks Investment Club) & Mourad Kara (Mobius Investment Club)

At last. . . the Unit Value System explained! Not just for the treasurer: this session will take you through the basics of club accounting and will teach you how to correctly place a value on your club. Ideal for existing club members, as well as anyone interested in starting or joining an Investment Club.

3.15 pm - 3.45 pm

How to Manage Club Accounts and Tax - Dary McGovern (Sensatus Investment Club & Managing Director timetotrade)

Are you taking full advantage of available tax relief? What are the tax implications of corporate actions? What tax returns need to be completed if you are part of an Investment Club or as an individual investor? How does the proposed pre-budget CGT Reform affect your club ? All of this and more will be explained!

4.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Investment Club Panel Discussion - Chaired by Terry Bond (Founder of Proshare Investment Clubs)

Our experts will discuss their experiences, investment techniques and the day to day management of a club; followed by Q&A session

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Investment Club Drinks Reception and PRIZE DRAW!!!
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