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Investment Club Conference: Oxford 2010

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Dary McGovern.png
10.15am - 10.45am: A Beginners Guide to Investing

Dary McGovern, Sensatus Investment Club
Completely new to investing? Don’t know your shorts from your bulls? This “back to basics” session will explain all!

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Bela Tiwari 1.png
10.45am - 11.30am: How To Set Up & Run A Successful Investment Club

Bela Tiwari, Ab Initio Investment Club & Panel Discussion
Whether you’re new to investing or an experienced investor, find out why an investment club could be just what you’re looking for and how to set up your own club, with top tips and ideas from our panel on how to keep your club thriving.

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11.30am - 12.00pm: The Stock Market Game

Julie Ralston, Inspired Time
Play the Inspired Time Stock Exchange and become millionaires in 20 minutes! No prior knowledge of trading required, just a sense of fun and a club spirit!

Dave Gaskell.png
2.00pm - 2.15pm: Jargon Buster

Dave Gaskell, Rolling Stocks Investment Club
Making sense of the markets and understanding financial ratios

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Peter Salenieks.png
2.15 - 2.40pm: Dynamic Stock Picking

Peter Salenieks, Dynamic Investment Club
Peter shows how you can build on lessons learnt by the Dynamic Investment Club as they developed their approach to identifying promising stocks and building an investment portfolio.

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Dave Gaskell.png
2.40 - 3.05pm: Rolling Stocks Gather No Loss

Dave Gaskell, Rolling Stocks Investment Club
Three portfolios: three strategies

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Dary McGovern.png
3.20pm - 4.15pm: Perfect Timing: How to Maximise Your Stock Market Profits

Dary McGovern (Sensatus Investment Club) and Neil Charles (Hove Investment Club)
How to interpret Technical Analysis Indicators with a look at a variety of strategies you can use to increase your profits - whatever the market conditions.

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Various investors and books were referenced by speakers during their presentations, as follows:

Benjamin Graham
The Intelligent Investor:
The Classic Text on Value Investing
by Benjamin Graham
Security Analysis
by Benjamin Graham & David Dodd, foreword by Warren Buffett

Jim Slater
The Zulu Principle:
Making extraordinary profits from ordinary shares
by Jim Slater

John Templeton
Investing The Templeton Way:
The Market-Beating Strategies of Value Investing's Legendary Bargain Hunter
by Lauren C. Templeton and Scott Phillips

Anthony Bolton
Investing Against The Tide
Lessons From A Life Running Money
by Anthony Bolton

Peter Lynch
Beating The Street
by Peter Lynch & John Rothchild
One Up On Wall Street
by Peter Lynch & John Rothchild

Other books that may be of interest:
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings
Value Investing: Tolls and Techniques for Intelligent Investment

Speaker Biographies

Bela Tiwari 1.png
Bela Tiwari is a founder member of the Ab Initio Investment Group, which started up in 2007. She was chair for 3 years, recently taking on the treasurer role instead. Ab Initio has the aim of providing an engaging and fun learning environment for its members. Bela has a tiny and erratic share portfolio of her own and so relishes being able to learn to invest with others. Her varied academic background has led to her current career as a bioinformatician.

Peter Salenieks.png
Peter Salenieks is a founder member of the Dynamic Investment Club, which won the ProShare Best New Investment Club Award and has achieved further success in the Private Investor Awards. As a Charted Engineer and former academic, Mr. Salenieks champions a structured investment strategy whilst creating an environment in which club members can have fun learning about investing, sharing best practice amongst clubs.

Neil Charles is a the Chairman and founding member of the Hove Investment Club. The club was started in December 2008 and aims to bring together like-minded dynamic individuals interested in creating wealth and income from trading in stocks and shares. The club operates a momentum strategy - looking for reasonably fast moving stocks with the potential to make 5 - 10% in a time frame of around one week. A strict risk management system is in place, ensuring that in any one trade no more than 5% of the clubs resources are at risk. Neil works full time as a Contracts Manager for an International Group in the Construction Industry. He has been successfully trading in UK and US markets since 2006 and has taken several courses with SRI Coaching, Knowledge to Action and Anthony Robbins. Other investment interests are in Property both in th UK and overseas.

Dary McGovern.png
Dary McGovern is the Founder and Managing Director of timetotrade. He began investing in the early 1990s, and over the years he has developed a disciplined approach to forex trading and share investing. His trading style is based on a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, complemented by a variety of trading strategies. Mr. McGovern is a regular pundit on investing and day trading in the leading UK financial media. With his background in investing and software development, Dary launched the www.timetotrade.eu website, which provides portfolio, tax management and technical analysis alerting products for private investors and investment clubs.

Julie Ralston was a founding member of the Willow Investment Club - one of the first ethical investment clubs in the UK, established over 16 years ago (pre internet trading!). In 2002 Julie was appointed Investment Club Coordinator for the Aurora Women's Business Network, facilitating and supporting the development of investment clubs across the UK. In 2007, Julie won the Proshare Private Investor of the Year (Proshare is the financial educational group set up by leading City organisations and two government departments to encourage private share ownership). More recently Julie has developed "The Stock Market Game" for education and skills development in businesses and schools.

Dave Gaskell.png
Dave Gaskell is one of the founder members and Secretary of the Rolling Stocks Investment Club which was set up in 1998. The club has built its success around having a clearly defined strategy and disciplined approach to managing the club's portfolio. A particular success of the club is its mechanical portfolio which was created in October 2001 and now represents more than half of the club's funds. Dave is a firm believer in the value of being in an investment club, not least because it is an excellent means of improving ones financial education and confidence. Dave is an IT service manager and lives in North Yorkshire.

Investment Club Events

If you would like to get involved in helping out at future events or are interested in speaking at any of these events, then please Contact Us for more information.

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