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Investment Club Software: Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying ...

"For the first time since we were established in 2001 all members have access to near live information on our portfolio. Well done and many thanks for a great service. Thanks"
T Quinn, UK

"Thank you for a great site. I am the treasurer/co-founder in a newly started investment group. We have found this website to be very useful. I have had some of my members contact you and praise your customer service. That is refreshing news."
C Campbell, USA

"Dear timetotrade team, I have been playing with your software for a short while now, and thought you might appreciate the following feedback. Firstly, I really like the clean appearance and ease of use. So much better than previous sites I have used. I really like the layout and thought that has gone into your service. Excellent! Thank you for the free account. The level of information provided by your site is superb. It's a pleasure to have so much uncluttered, useable info at your fingertips. Thanks again"
J Tippler, UK

"KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !! -- NICE website & very detailed work and explanations. (I can appreciate your detailed good work because I am an accountant and pay attention to detail!)Thanks again, from the home of the February 2010 Winter Olympics."
C Scholtze, Vancouver, Canada

"I think the idea behind TTT is not just exciting, it is outright fantastic... I've always wanted something like this".
J Markenham, UK

"I have been very impressed with what timetotrade has to offer. It is exactly what we have been looking for - for several years….I've been blown away with what you have achieved. Fantastic."
J Stringer, UK

"Thanks for your help and advice."'
A Blennerhassett, UK

"I am new to Time to Trade and trying to get to grips with the way the site works before taking the subscription plunge. Can I just say what a mega looking site! Kind regards"
W Lindor, UK

"Hi, I've just come across your site whilst trying to research software that calculates shares capital gains. Having tried out the basic version of your capital gains software it is quite impressive"'
S Pindolia, UK

"Love your service… Thanks for the great customer service too."
W Willis, USA

"Thanks for the prompt response. I have resolved the problem by doing what you suggested."
S Bonti-Asamoah, UK

"Thank you very much for the quick response. I found your website while looking for help with calculating CGT on share disposals. I see you offer much more than what I was originally looking for, and appreciate that it might be beneficial for me to subscribe."
A Duffus, UK

"Thank you for your quick answer...i really like your site."
J Ribiero, UK

"Love the site!"
P Hewitt, UK

"I really appreciate your patience and help, Thank you again."
R Duff, UK

"Thank you for the update and continued feedback, it's nice to know my comments haven't just fell on "deaf ears" like so many sites / companies and you continue to improve your site! :-)"
J Bennett, UK

"Dear Sirs, Your web site looks excellent. Many Thanks."
R Smith, UK

"I want to also express THANKS to you for allowing free access to your alert service. Once I figure out the various indicators and alerts I want to use, I plan on becoming a paid subscriber so I can have a lot more alert capabilities."
W Hurst, USA

"Hi, Very nice flash charts. Your flash charts with H4 period are a real welcome, thanks a million!"
J Singh, USA

"It worked so well, that I signed up for the Active trader plan and then added an additonal 50 SMS.Your indicator based alerts have SERIOUSLY increased the amount of money I make per week. Your service is invaluable! You have literally changed the way I live my life, both trading and personally. My wife is very happy that I am only on the computer when my phone buzzes on an alert."
D Willis, USA

Disclaimer: The timetotrade Tax Management system is intended for use within the United Kingdom only. Whilst Sensatus has made its best endeavours to ensure that tax computations are correct, computations are based on a set of assumptions and do not cover all scenarios. The system does not and cannot verify the accuracy of the material entered or calculate tax liability definitively. Before using any of the content provided for the completion of HMRC tax returns or other purposes, you must consult with a professional tax advisor.
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