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Timetotrade unveils new chart technology, helping traders to rapidly build alerts and back test their strategies

This powerful chart tool allows stockmarket and fx traders to use the same responsive pathway to back-test, forward-test and set up alerts - all via timetotrade’s unique intuitive point-and-click interface. The device can be accessed at www.timetotrade.com

Too often we fail to act on our trading ideas. We miss out on buy/sell opportunities either because we’re away from our screens or because we don’t have the programming skills required to test our strategy concepts using traditional back-testing software tools.

Traders need not miss any market opportunities again as timetotrade unveils the latest version of its revolutionary new charting technology. This cleverly crafted tool allows traders to use the same responsive pathway to: build, back-test, forward-test and set up alerts. The easy to use point-and-click interface allows traders to quickly test even complicated strategies, without needing to learn proprietary programming languages or employing quants to code systems for them.

This presents considerable advantages to both novice and experienced traders alike. Rather than gambling away money in a live trading account, they can test and adapt their strategies to relevant market conditions - all in a risk free environment; and having found a strategy that works, they can create alerts to notify them every time those strategy conditions are met.

Whether trading shares or forex, timetotrade’s advanced charting technology boast a delightful armory of tools for traders to play with. The latest version has over 120 base technical indicators, which can in turn be used to create custom indicators. For example, it is possible to quickly create a technical indicator that is a Bollinger Band of the True Strength Index (TSI) - in just a couple of clicks. Custom indicators can be built with functions such as add, multiply or highest high price over a period of time and applied to price data or other technical indicators.

The functionality and sophistication of timetotrade’s alerting tools is unmatched. Traders can set up alert triggers against price, trend lines or any base or custom indicators. Alerts can be checked at candle close or on each tick during an interval. Multi-condition alerts can be created, with triggers grouped in varying sequences. Alerts can be sent to your email, mobile phone or instant messenger – the moment that they are triggered.

Traders also have the option to see alert results and back-test events visually plotted on the chart. For back-tests, such detailed analysis is invaluable in helping to refine entry and exit trading strategies; whilst being able to see the highest highs and lowest lows during a trade is particularly useful in visualising the optimum stop and limit values of trades.

And for traders that want to shout about their results, timetotrade has a novel feature that allows traders to share chart settings, custom indicators and back-tests with friends - simply by copy & pasting a short snippet of text.

This service is designed to help traders to fulfill their trading ambitions. And all at a smart price too. You can monitor up to 10 alerts at any time for free, or subscribe to timetotrade’s Active Package, giving you 100 alerts and the ability to simulate automated trading strategies from £9.99 (+ VAT) per month or the Pro Package for unlimited alerts, backtests and strategy optimisation for £199.99 (+ VAT) yearly.

This latest release of timetotrade’s new chart technology includes support for:

  • 120 pre-programmed technical indicators
  • Create and customise your own indicators, infinite combinations possible – combine indicators to create new indicators (eg moving average of an RSI based on the highest price) and write your own indicators using mathematical functions, such as subtract, divide and get the highest high over a range of intervals etc
  • Reordering and overlaying indicators on charts via a drag and drop interface
  • Alerts are available on all indicators
  • Alert conditions can be checked on a tick-by-tick basis, as well as at close of candle
  • Alerts available on any line crossing any other line (eg Stochastic crosses RSI) as well as on trendlines drawn on any secondary indicators
  • Create alerts on custom timeframes (eg 4 mins)
  • Reorder the sequence of triggers in a multi-condition alert using drag and drop
  • Enhanced grouping for multi-condition alerts, select for trigger events to occur in any sequence, loose sequence or strict sequence
  • Flexibility on auto-reactivation timescale (eg 6 mins)
  • Create 'Pairs' alerts, eg if RSI of market A is above 70 and RSI of market B is below 30 send alert
  • Back-test includes a quick summary of performance and a tear-away chart for detailed analysis of the strategy
  • Graphical representation of back-test results, such as the highest highs and lowest lows whilst the trade was open - helping you to visualise optimum stop and limit values
  • Back-test alerts or trade events are displayed on interactive charts - helping you to refine entry and exit trading strategies
  • Win/Loss and Risk/Reward analysis
  • Ability to share chart settings, custom indicators and back-tested strategies with friends

Dary McGovern, Managing Director of timetotrade commented “timetotrade’s point-and-click chart technology is designed to encourage wide adoption. Our accessible and user-friendly designs have the same level of functionality and sophistication as those used by professional traders. However, with timetotrade individuals no longer need to struggle with complex tools, learning proprietary programming languages, or spending thousands on consultants to code systems.”

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Technical analysis is the statistical study of a security's price movement through the use of charts. Investors look for patterns on charts to help determine a security's future performance and exploit this information to make money whilst avoiding losses. Technical analysis has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people believe that the historical performance of foreign exchange, stocks or futures is a strong indication of future performance; therefore becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.

Back-testing is the process of evaluating a strategy, theory, or model by applying it to historical data and calculating how it would have performed had it actually been used in a prior time period


timetotrade is a financial technology company. We specialise in developing a new class of accessible web based trading devices. We make technology for active traders, private investors and investment clubs that is both smart and easy to use.

It has never been easier to execute your trading strategy. Our Trigger Trading Technology ® means you can now automatically execute your trades directly in the world’s global markets.

You need never miss a trading opportunity again!

Do you want to:

  • buy when your technical analysis chart conditions are met? Really buy, not just get an email or sms alert?
  • or sell when a support trend line is broken?
  • or back-test your strategy going back as far as 30 years?

TimeToTrade's Trigger Trading Technology™ is truly game changing. It gives you a trading advantage. The power to take your trading to a new level.

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