This is the TimeToTrade help wiki. Use the TimeToTrade Trigger Trading Technology™ to execute your trades when Price, Candle Stick, Trend Line, Volume and Technical Analysis chart conditions are met - no coding required. Trade directly in the world’s global markets. Backtest your Trading Strategies. Calculate your UK HMRC Capital Gains Tax liabilities. Manage your Investment Club.

Enterprise Solutions

Timetotrade provide bespoke technology solutions to the Financial Sector.

How can we help your business?

Timetotrade is a consumer-centric financial technology company. We specialise in developing a new class of accessible and easy to use web-based trading tools for retail investors and traders.

Our advanced tools can be rapidly integrated with your company’s website or trading platform to enhance and differentiate your existing client offering.

You can rely on our expertise and experience to help your business to:

  • Make money with technology that drives trading activity
  • Attract new clients with state-of-the-art trading tools
  • Drive repeat usage and profitability from existing clients
  • Spend smarter by outsourcing, saving you time and money on innovating
  • Grow client engagement and brand reinforcement

Trigger Trading Technology™

Transform your business with our game-changing Trigger Trading Technology™.

Today’s self-directed investors and traders are increasingly sophisticated. Accessibility of information via the internet means they are aware of the techniques and tools used by the institutions and professionals - and they want the same.

Currently active traders and investors who use price, candle stick patterns, trend line, volume and technical analysis charts to decide when to buy and sell, either:

  • have to sit and watch market charts all day waiting for their trading conditions to be met; or
  • use complicated software programs to write algorithms to automatically place trades when conditions are met.

Timetotrade has developed a unique assistive chart-based system called Trigger Trading Technology™.

It allows your clients to use the same responsive pathway to set up alerts and build, backtest, forward-test and execute automated trading strategies - all via an easy to use point-and-click chart based interface.

With Timetotrade, traders no longer need to struggle with complex tools, learning proprietary programming languages, or spending thousands on quants to code systems for them ...

We code, so they don’t have to.

Our intuitive, accessible and user-friendly designs technically leapfrog existing solutions for retail traders. Users can build anything from simple price alerts to complex multi-condition automated trading strategies, all by the click of a button.

Dary McGovern, MD Timetotrade

Pick 'n' Mix Modules

Timetotrade’s products are modularized. You choose which modules to integrate with your front-end trading platform.

  • Pick 'n' Mix Modules Price & Technical Charts | Web based charting solutions for the financial industry.
  • Email and SMS Text Message Alerts | Single or multi-condition alerts on price, candle stick patterns, trend lines, volume and technical analysis indicators.
  • Strategy Builder | Back-test, forward-test and optimise technical trading strategies.
  • Trade From Charts | Trade visually from charts.
  • Trigger Trading | Automate trades quickly and easily. No coding - just buttons.
  • Smartphone Apps | Take full advantage of mobile trading.

Until lately, computerised trading has required software and programming expertise that were out of many small traders’ reach. The newest release of Timetotrade’s charting platform makes the whole business easier than ever before.

Dominic Picarda, Investors Chronicle

Charts Module

Ignite your platform with state-of-the-art charts.

Timetotrade presents a new class of webbased charting tools. Showcasing a clean and easy design approach, the fully customisable feature rich charting module can be integrated with your datafeed and website, helping you to engage and retain clients.

With popular drawing tools, over 125 preprogrammed technical indicators and the functionality to quickly and easily create proprietary indicators with our unique Trigger Trading Technology™, Timetotrade allows you to give your clients everything they need to analyse price movements and find trading opportunities on charts.

Two thirds of traders rely on charts for trading decisions. Sixty-five percent of spreadbetters use technical analysis to decide what trading positions to take.

Investment Trends Report, November 2012

Alerts Module

Avoid missed trading opportunities, generate more trading transactions and drive brand engagement, as existing clients receive alerts then return to trade with you - time and time again.

Underpinned by Timetotrade’s intuitive Trigger Trading Technology™, the Alerts Module lets your clients use the same responsive pathway to quickly create customised alerts that will notify them when price, candle stick patterns, trend line, volume and technical analysis conditions are met.

No programming skills are required.

The instant that their trading conditions are met, clients will receive an email or sms to their mobile phone ... which means many more trading opportunities for your business. The Alerts Module provides additional marketing value by promoting brand engagement with your clients, at the crucial moment that it is time to trade.

The ability to do everything via the chart rather than by learning some fiddly programming language is a huge advantage and something I have not come across elsewhere. I was able to set fairly complex alerts within minutes.

Dominic Picarda, Investors Chronicle

Strategy Builder Module

By accelerating your clients’ learning, you ultimately enable them to fulfil their trading ambitions - thereby accelerating the profitability of your business.

The Strategy Builder Module allows your clients to quickly develop strategies for different market conditions in a safe environment, enabling accelerated learning.

Your clients can use the same responsive pathway to create alert based automated strategies. These can be immediately backtested, optimised and refined, then simulated in a test environment. Again, all of this is done using our simple point-and-click Trigger Trading Technology™ interface. No programming is required. As such, the Strategy Builder Module can be used a central hub for your client education.

Timetotrade’s Strategy Builder enables traders to easily develop a technical trading strategy concept; giving investors access to the tools that have traditionally been the preserve of the institutional fund manager and their teams of programmers.

Jenny Lowe, What Investment

Trade Off The Chart

Trading visually from charts helps your clients to act fast to changes in market movements - meaning no more precious time or money need be wasted on missed trading opportunities.

This module is designed to enable your clients to dynamically control opening, limit and stop orders all via the chart interface.

The Trade From Charts module has been designed with simplicity in mind. Complex concepts such as the ability to dynamically adjust diagonal trend line orders by dragging and dropping are child’s play - meaning more trades can be quickly generated for your business.

I can’t stress how awesome this service is, that it gives me my life back ... and puts money in my pocket. You guys are doing awesome work ... I personally thank you for your excellent service.

Another satisfied Timetotrade customer

Trigger Trading™ Module

No coding. No macros. No programming languages. Just buttons.

For the first time ever, traders can quickly and easily automate their trading all via a simple point-and-click interface. No programming skills are required. And should your clients’ strategies need adjusting at any point, they now have the tools to intervene on the fly.

Underpinning the automated trading is Timetotrade’s unique Trigger Trading Technology™, which allows your clients to use the same responsive pathway to quickly associate trades with alerts for price, candle stick patterns, technical indicators, custom indicators and trend lines - and enable the implementation of algorithmic trades.

The Trigger Trading™ Module is designed to encourage mass adoption and help your business increase trade volume and revenue per client.

Point-and-click Trigger Trading Technology™ is designed to encourage wide adoption. We’re driven to help your business increase trade volume and revenue per client.

Dary McGovern, MD Timetotrade

System Integration

Timetotrade provides a fully managed end-to-end solution.

The following diagram provides an overview of the key building blocks associated with providing the charting, alerts and trading functionality to the end clients.

System integration.png

When the client launches a chart from your trading platform or website, a secure URL is used to identify the user and instrument to the Timetotrade servers. The Timetotrade servers then generate the charts which are displayed on the client’s device.

Steps to integrating Charts, Alerts & Trading Modules:

  1. Price feed integration - either with your own pricing servers or that of an external supplier.
  2. Back fill of historical data.
  3. Set up a secure method of launching charts.
  4. Set up a secure method of receiving orders from the charts and Trigger Trading™ alerts, e.g. FIX
  5. Stylise the platform to conform with your design templates.


What makes Timetotrade’s Trigger Trading Technology™ unique?

Timetotrade solutions can be rapidly adopted by users. Once a client learns how to click on the ‘alert triggers’ on the chart, they can then quickly and easily create alerts, back-test, forward-test and automate trading strategies. Not once during this process is the client expected to dig around menus or know how to write a software program. Our simple point-and-click interface is at the heart of the charts and provides a common user experience which encourages mass adoption and maximizes return on investment whilst generating additional trading revenue.

What is the process for integrating with Timetotrade?

Firstly we will agree the solution that will be implemented, followed by agreeing terms and conditions and signing of contracts. Thereafter we will jointly work with you to agree the design template and brand guidelines for the product licensed; following which a period of acceptance testing and education will commence when the product is ready for service.

Technology constantly evolves, what is to say that Timetotrade technology will not become outdated?

Our ethos is that the world never stops evolving and neither does Timetotrade technologies; we are firm believers in ‘creative destruction’ whereby as soon as the product is built, we immediately ask, ‘how can we do it better?’ and start again. By initially spending smart, our clients benefit by having a consistently competitive technology offering.

Custom Development

Getting access to quality software programmers is a hard task. However, getting access to first-class software programmers with sound financial domain knowledge is even harder.

Timetotrade have been building trading solutions since 2006. If your business is looking to outsource any custom development, contact us and request a quote. Timetotrade has extensive financial domain knowledge and expertise, which means that any job you put to us will be developed quickly and cost effectively.

Clients include:

We have worked with Timetotrade for several years and in all this time they have proved to be responsible, reliable, flexible and completely honest. Timetotrade have never over promised on delivery, on the contrary they have always delivered on time and on budget. A rare combination in IT projects.

Simon Denham, London Capital Group

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Whether you are looking to get clients to trade more, grow your customer base, improve existing' client engagement and profitability or simply complement your system with Timetotrade’s Pick 'n' Mix Modules, Timetotrade Technologies provides an unparalleled level of innovation, functionality, flexibility and reliability.

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